Wellington Pottery

Wellington, Crocus Pot, Elephant
Wellington, Crocus Pot, Elephant
Wellington, Map, - Courtesy of National Library for Scotland NLS
Wellington, Map, Courtesy of National Library for Scotland NLS


Little is known about the Wellington Pottery. 

It was established in 1797 at 50 Wesleyan St  in the East end of Glasgow, using local clays to make redware.  
Adam Cubie took over in 1830, having previously been a potter in Prestonpans. He died in 1844 and the pottery passed to his son-in-law, John Williamson. 
The business was sold in 1894 to Austin & McDonald, who moved the pottery to North Canal Bank in Port Dundas.  It closed in 1934.

“Adam Cubie, who was succeeded by Adam C Williamson, established the  Wellington Pottery in  1797  at 50 Wesleyan Street, Gallowgate, Glasgow , where, by 1889, it covered a 4,000 square yard site and employed around 50 people. The company later relocated to 604 Gallowgate Street, Glasgow, and by 1929 was operating at North Canal Bank Street, Glasgow. The pottery specialised in ornamental flower pots and vases which were traded all over the UK. The company appears to have ceased trading in the mid-20th century prior to 1953.”

Glasgow of Today: the Metropolis of the North(London, 1888) quoted in Glasgow Univ. Archives

Main Products

The early pottery used local clays to create redware flower pots and garden ornaments.  Slip-trailed wares are attributed but unmarked, but it’s known from catalogues that a variety of wares were produced. 

It’s likely the wares were only for the local domestic market.

Typical Backstamps & Marks

Wellington Pottery, Williamson Wellington Pottery

Pattern Names

  • Patterns are unlikely to have been used.

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