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  1. My Mother In Law’s family was from Glasgow Scotland. She passed away several years ago. She had a beautiful platter, and I have been researching it. I finally found the pattern. It is the Syria pattern and in excellent shape. But, it does not have a stamp or any markings on it. Would you know why? Does that make it less valuable? Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Have you checked through our website to compare the pattern on your platter with those in our galleries? You can also do a search for “Syria” and read up about the potteries and patterns.

      We do not comment on values as they vary enormously between places and times.


  2. We have a R.C & Co V.P., Florence pattern platter that was just handed down to us from family. I’ve done a bit of research and am guessing that it was made between 1852 – 1867. I’ve found information about the Syria pattern but not much regarding the Florence. It appears to be a printed transfer which tracks to the platter potentially being fabricated using the printing machine that Robert Cochrane invented. I’d like to know more about the Florence pattern if someone could provide it. I’m happy to send pictures of the platter and maker’s mark if that would be helpful. Many thanks!

  3. Thanks for your reply Jean. I’ve looked through the galleries, specifically Verreville for the Florence pattern. I’m not interested in the Syria pattern, I mentioned this one because there is more information regarding it. I also am not seeking a value on our platter, I’d like to obtain more information about the pattern. Many thanks, Tricia

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