Strathyre Milk Jug
Strathyre Milk Jug


Strathyre Studio was a small artist-led pottery-decorating business which flourished for two decades from the 1920s in the Perthshire village of Strathyre.

It was run by Mary Ramsay and Jessie Wilson with occasional controbutions from Maggie McDonald – all three graduates of the Glasgow School of Art.

Blanks were bought in from various manufacturers, including Holyrood, decorated and sent out for firing.

Like other studios, Strathyre struggled through WWII and the post-war austerity only to face cheap wares from Staffordshire. The three women died in the 1960s.

Main Products

The studio bought in their blanks from Holyrood, including buttons, and many biscuitware examples have survived.

They also painted decoration over the glaze in various styles.

Ramsay’s favourite motif was of entangled clematis flowers in various colours

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Typical Backstamps and Monograms

“Mary A Ramsay”, “Strathyre”, “J D Wilson”, diagram of black cat

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