SPS Members Come Online

The Society wishes to welcome our members to the new SPS website. 

Login details are being issued to all current members, who are being encouraged to proof read, fact check and provide further details to pages where they see omissions or inaccuracies.  

Comment sections are at the bottom of each page, and we’re enormously grateful for the help of members in getting the website ready for public launch next month (July 2020)

The member’s section contains rich resources from archive photographs to Henry E Kelly’s original research papers.  Much, much more will be uploaded in the weeks and months ahead, as a small thanks to our loyal and committed members.  The Society owes a great deal to each and every member, whose passion and enthusiasm for Scottish pottery have helped to create the resources we have today, and for their help in promotion the wares of industrial Scottish pottery to a wider audience.   

Thank you, and we look forward to working together in making this website a great platform to reach a wider public. 

1 thought on “SPS Members Come Online”

  1. Hi Jamie ,

    You may already have the answers to this.
    I see in “Puzzling Pieces” the registration diamond (fourth bottom row, extreme left). This was registered on 27th. September 1880 by John Marshall & Co., Bo’ness.
    The piece directly on the right of the diamond is “Andalusia” normally marked by Thomson, Annfield, but these later shapes only carry the pattern name and “made in Scotland”

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