Scottish Pottery Society (SCO03935) Constitution 

  1. The name of the body shall be the Scottish Pottery Society, hereinafter referred to as the S.P.S. 
  2. The aims and purpose of the S.P.S. shall be to further the knowledge and understanding of  Scottish Ceramics 
  3. The Charitable Causes

As set out in the Charity and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 applying to the S.P.S. are: 

  1. The Advancement of Education 
  2. The Advancement of the Arts, Heritage, Culture or Science

4. Organisation and Membership
a. Only members may vote or hold office in the S.P.S. A member is a person who has paid their membership fee in the accounting year under review, at the Annual General Meeting 

b. Membership of the S.P.S. is open to anyone who supports the aims of the S.P.S. 

c. The S.P.S. shall be governed by a Council, the members of which shall be Trustees of the Charity, under the Charity and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005. The Trustees of which shall be residents of the United Kingdom 

d. The Council shall comprise a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer elected at the Annual General Meeting. All posts shall be honorary. Up to five other SPS members can be elected to serve on The Council 

e. The President and the Vice-President cannot serve for more than three (3) years consecutively. The President shall have the casting vote at Council Meetings 

f. The Council shall have the power to co-opt further members to the Council. These persons shall be members of S.P.S. under 3(a) and 3(b) above. Each co-opted member shall not be a Trustee of the S.P.S. under the terms of the Charity and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and shall not have a vote at Council meetings

5. The Council’s Functions – 

a. To manage the S.P.S. according to its constitution and OSCR regulations 

b. To promote the S.P.S. website and other on-line activities 

c. To coordinate the production of S.P.S. publications 

d. To encourage and help facilitate the use of new technology and media in the running of the S.P.S. in all meetings, conferences, exhibitions and communications

e. To establish sub-committees to manage specific projects or local activities on an on going basis. Each sub-committee shall have a chairperson who shall be a Council member. The Council can appoint non-members with specific, relevant expertise to assist a sub-committee. Council shall have the power to disband sub-committees 

f. To represent the S.P.S. in dealings with public and other bodies and to co-operate with other organizations or groups which have similar aims

6. Council Finance 

a. The S.P.S. shall be funded by membership fees or other Council approved sources according to the aims of the S.P.S. 

b. Council will set membership fees and other charges by the 1st of March 

c. S.P.S. funds shall be held in bank accounts and/or other payment processing services eg PayPal 

d. Individual payments over £100 will be authorized by the Treasurer and one other Trustee 

e. Other financial controls are set by Council from time to time, for the day to day operation of accounts 

f. The S.P.S. financial year runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March

7. Annual General Meeting 

An Annual General Meeting of the S.P.S. shall be held at a Scottish location, or by telephone or video conferencing within 6 weeks of the 31st of March each year, for the following purposes: a. To receive and approve the audited accounts of the S.P.S. for the year ended 31ST March b. To receive and approve a draft budget for the coming year
c. To receive a report of the work of the S.P.S. for the year ended 31st March
d. To elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer for the ensuing year
e. To appoint members to serve on Council as Trustees of the S.P.S.
f. To appoint an Independent examiner for the Accounts
g. To deal with any competent business concerning the S.P.S.

8. Extraordinary General Meeting 

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the S.P.S. shall be called by the Secretary within three (3) weeks of the receipt of a motion signed by a minimum of ten (10) members of the S.P.S.

The Council, by a majority of Trustees, shall have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting whenever they see cause.

9. Quorum
The Quorum at all Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings shall be ten (10) members of the S.P.S. The President shall have the casting vote at all Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.

10. Notice
Three (3) weeks’ notice shall be given to members for all General Meetings.

11. Amendments to the Constitution
Proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be considered at an A.G.M. or E.G.M. of the S.P.S., one (1) calendar months’ notice, together with these proposals, shall be given to the Secretary of the Society, in writing, who shall notify members of the proposed resolution. The proposals shall then be presented to the membership for discussion and resolution. No alteration, deletion or addition will be allowed which would cause the lose its charitable status.

12. Dissolution of the S.P.S.

If the Council determine that the S.P.S. be dissolved, an Extraordinary General Meeting of the S.P.S. shall be called to consider the proposal. If the decision be taken to dissolve the Society, all assets remaining, after the satisfaction of liabilities, will remain within the charitable sector and shall be given or transferred to an organization having similar aims to those of the S.P.S. The decision regarding the distribution of funds to be taken by Council.

13. Regional Sub-committees

a. Regional sub-committees of members of the SPS can be set up to run local activities b. Each committee shall have a chairperson and a minute secretary
c. Each committee can submit a budget to Council by the 1st of March enabling them to fund local activities such as room hire, speakers, Conferences and exhibitions in their area
d. Additional items of expenditure out with the approved budget can be submitted to Council for consideration

This constitution was adopted at AGM in 2023