Free Public Access to Historic SPHR Publications (Pre-2000)

In 2019, with work being planned on this new website, the Scottish Pottery Society’s Council unanimously voted to make historic SPHR publications free to the public. 
The Society publishes the Scottish Pottery Historical Review around every 2 years, and the first “archive news”, as it was then, dates to the late 1970s under the editorship of Graeme Cruickshank.  It has continued to bring together academics and enthusiasts alike, with important research on all manners of Scottish Pottery matters.  The Society is grateful and indebted to all the contributors who have conducted and published articles.  

As a charity, the Society exists to promote the wares and research of Scottish industrial pottery.  We also rely on membership subscriptions to ensure we can continue to produce publications, therefore our Council made the balanced decision to make historic SPHRs, published prior to the year 2000, free for public access.  
More recent publications are only available to our membership, which starts from just £10 for online access.   

Cleland, Money Bank