Important Contributors

The Society is very grateful for the hard work of effort which has come from a number of contributors. 
SPS owes its very existence to its excellent and loyal membership base.  There are many members who have been part of the Society for a very long period of time, and our gratitude to their contributions, whether it be primary research or attendance of meetings, is the reason we can look forward to our 50th anniversary in 2022.

SPS wish to especially thank those noted below, who have contributed in some way to the research and further understanding of Scottish Ceramics:

Gordon Adams
William Allerdyce
Denis Ayers
Jim Bell
Catherine Blair
Louise Boreham
Douglas A Bowie MVO
Kirkwall (photographs) Buzz Burrow
June Clelland
Graeme Cruickshank M.A., AMA, FSA Scot
Sandra Deas
Alistair Denholm
Kay Dickson
Catherine Downie
Michael & Marlene Egan
Len Fisher
J Arnold Fleming
George Fraser
Geoffrey A Godden F.R.S.A
Irene Graham
Marion Grant

Dr J Hendry
George R Haggarty
Robin A Hill
Hazel Horne
Merilyn Hoysted
George Hunter
Alistair Inglis
Heather Jack
Robert Jardine
Gregory Hill & Greg Johansson
Robin Jones
George Kearney
Henry E Kelly
Tina Kilgour
Jonathon Kinghorn
Douglas A Leishman
Barclay Lennie
Jean MacKenzie
Marie Mackie
Gus Martin
Bill McConnell

Duncan and Helen McDonald
Hugh and Irene McIntyre
Liz McKelvie
Patrick McVeigh
Ian Menzies
William & Margaret More
Philip Morrow
David Paton
Guy & Morag Pettigrew
Gerard Quail
Robert Rankine
Ian Robertson
William Rollo
Jamie Ross
George Russell
Professor James A.S. Spreull P.h.D
Helen Sprott
Jim Storrie
Alice Watson
Margaret West