Rosslyn Pottery

Morrison & Crawford, Pirlie Bank
Morrison & Crawford, Pirlie Bank


William Crawford and Adam Morrison joined forces to establish and operate a pottery at Oswald Road, Gallatown, Kirkcaldy from March 1879. Crawford was described as a ‘Potter of Linktown’ and Morrison had been a traveller with Methven’s Pottery. Crawford died in August 1880 and after an ownership dispute, Morrison took sole control of the works in August, 1884.

A more modern pottery was constructed around 1883, adjacent to the original. Andrew Hunter, a nephew of Adam Morrison, joined his uncle when he left school and worked there until he joined the Army where he rose to the rank of Captain in the Black Watch. On his return from action in 1919, he took over the pottery as his uncle was then 69 years old.

The works continued until 1926 when Hunter, who had introduced whiteware production, leased the pottery to Kenneth McKenzie who had worked at The Fife Pottery, continued until 1931 when he ceased trading. The plant and machinery were sold in November, 1932.

Main Products

The principal products, according to the family and workers, were earthenware teapots of all shapes and sizes. Also made were bread ‘safes’ and cereal jars marked Rice, Flour, Meal and Sugar.

In addition penny banks or ‘pirlie pigs’ as they were called were manufactured in the form of apples, hens, pigs, cats, dogs and cottages, as well as ‘policeman’ banks. Baking dishes, bowls, as well as sugars and creams were made in cane ware.

It should be noted that Carl Nekola, son of Karel Nekola, worked at the pottery from 1922 until 1926 as Andrew Hunter had introduced whiteware, using imported clays, which was decorated in the Wemyss style but called Rosslyn Ware.

Also decorated were black, blue and green glazed wares such as teapots with overglazed silver and gold lustre as well as enamel

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Typical Backstamps & Marks

Teapots were occasionally impressed M & C Fireproof. Whiteware produced around 1922 – 1926 was marked with an oval cartouche with a rubber stamp showing Morrison and Crawford Kirkcaldy also a rectangular rubber stamp showing Rosslyn Ware Hand Painted was used.

Pattern Names

No patterns were used

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