End of Term

The final in person meetings have now taken place on Friday 10th May 2024 and Monday 13th May 2024, in Edinburgh and in Glasgow respectively ; both meetings were excellent and will be reported on as usual in our Newsletter.
Also in May, the AGM of the Scottish Pottery Society took place by zoom, followed by an informative presentation by Merilyn Hoysted who described fully the rivalry of the Maastricht and Glasgow Potteries in respect of the export market to South East Asia. 
But you can continue to enjoy all aspects of Scottish Pottery over the summer months, by searching for these illusive finds and by researching and submitting articles to share knowledge. On the beach, you can read about the history of Scottish Pottery!
You can make enquiries or share your acquisitions via the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ScottishPottery/
And of course through our website.
We hope that you enjoy Bulletin No. 78 also published in May, and we are aiming to issue the Scottish Pottery Historical Review No 29 in late Summer