Glasgow Great Pottery Trail by Ruth Impey

Glasgow Pottery Trail

SPS Member, Ruth Impey, has produced an impressive online tour of Glasgow’s export potteries. 
The tour can be conducted as a cycling or walking route through Glasgow, exploring the locations and wares of Scotland’s historical pottery export trade, and where these products were made.  It also includes interviews with Scottish pottery workers and historians on the subject. 

A web version is available to explore from the comfort of your own home:

Ruth Impey: 

Ruth Impey is a potter and researcher working both nationally and internationally on cultural heritage projects. Ruth returned to Scotland in 2015 having lived and worked in London and Abu Dhabi. Ruth has BA in history from Edinburgh University and a MA in Museum Studies from Leicester University. She completed her pottery apprenticeship at Abu Dhabi Pottery Studios, and was awarded a FIND Artist Fellowship from New York University Abu Dhabi for her research project, ‘Tinn – Reviving the Art of UAE Pottery’. Ruth has worked with a number of museums during the course of her research work including the British Museum, the Shindagha Museum in Dubai, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Ruth’s has been researching the history & heritage of Glasgow’s pottery industry for the past 4 years and responding to it in her pottery practice Raha Pottery.  

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