Eagle Potteries

Eagle, Teapot
Eagle, Teapot
Eagle, Map 1892
Eagle, Map 1892


The pottery was founded by Frederic Grosvenor, a Staffordshire potter born in 1833.  He married the daughter of an Edinburgh businessman in 1863 and in 1864 he appears as a partner in the Caledonian pottery in Glasgow, but he left in 1864.

In 1869, he founded “The Bridgeton Pottery” at Boden Street, running to the corner of Bernard St, Glasgow.  The pottery was renamed to Eagle pottery in 1882.

Frederic’s son, Donald, became partner in 1889 and the firm became Grosvenor & Son.  Frederic died in 1915 and Donald continued until its closure in 1923.  The building was eventually demolished in 1994

Main Products

Domestic and commercial utilitarian wares of stoneware; whisky flagons, beer bottles, acid jars and butter pots, as well as bird waterers, baskets and water filters.  Rockingham glazed teapots.  Earthenware teapots and jugs to a lesser extent. The stoneware had a borax glaze. 

In 1893 the firm was described as ‘stoneware, Rockingham ware, water filter and stone bottle manufacturer.’
Latterly, Donald Grosvenor made electrical insulators.

One piece of terracotta is known.

Only domestic sales are known, but quantities of stoneware bottles are found in the Americas and Cuba.

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Typical Backstamps & Marks

Impressed “Grosvenor”, “Grosvenor & Sons”

Pattern Names

No patterns are known

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