Drongan Pottery

Drongan, Pot
Drongan, Pot
Drongan, Map
Drongan, Map


There may have been an earlier 18th century works, but the redware pottery known as Drongan was established in 1832 by Robert Boyle in Ayrshire.  The son of a potter, Robert was known as a brickmaker previously and the pottery was likely an extension of this trade. 

In 1845, Boyle had invented his own tile manufacturing machine, capable of producing 20,000 tiles per day with 2 men and 5 boys, however it did not succeed and further speculative investments led to financial ruin and he was declared bankrupt in 1861 with the stock and machinery sold off.  

Main Products

Drainpipes of the tubular and two-piece kind were the main source of income, however dairy wares and redwares were made in the forms of jelly cans, porringers, wash pans, pickle dishes, honey pots, crocks etc.

Local domestic market.

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