Campsie Ware

Campsie Ware, Budgies
Campsie Ware, Budgies


The Pottery was founded by Edward Langley in 1952.  Edward had worked in the Govancroft pottery of Glasgow and a fire in the Govancroft factory in 1955 saw him take on five or six previous Govancroft workers and move his premises from central Glasgow to Hillington, Glasgow.

After 20 years, the lease on the Hillington premises were up and he moved one kiln to his farmhouse home in North Glasgow, where continued until his death in 1982.

Main Products

Animal figures, mostly in lustre glaze. 
Some green ornamental figures.

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Typical Backstamps & Marks

Campsie Ware (with or without) Scotland, Milton of Campsie

Pattern Names

  • Patterns were not used

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