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Bough Vase, Richard Amour

Elizabeth Amour attended the Glasgow School of Art from 1908 to 1912. After art school, Bough Pottery was established in Edinburgh, and blanks were bought from various sources which were hand decorated by members of the Amour family.  

Pieces are individually hand painted and generally signed with the initials of the decorator.  RA is for Elizabeth’s brother, Richard Amour (1900-1949). 

Marked Bough pottery seems to have ended around 1942 and was probably due to the war. 

Christine (Chrissie) Amour was the last known Bough decorator, although she did not use the ‘Bough’ mark.  She produced pieces until her death in 1974.

Main Products

Blank wares were procured from various Scottish and English sources and were  hand painted in vibrant colours. 

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Typical Backstamps

“Bough”, stamped or decorated, normally with the initials of the decorator and sometimes date. 
EA:  Elizabeth Amour
RA:  Richard Amour
CA:  Christine Amour
AHA: ?

Pattern Names

  • No patterns were used, as each piece was hand decorated

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