End of Term

The final in person meetings have now taken place on Friday 10th May 2024 and Monday 13th May 2024, in Edinburgh and in Glasgow respectively ; both meetings were excellent and will be reported on as usual in our Newsletter.   Also in May, the AGM of the Scottish Pottery Society took place by zoom, followed […]

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Feb 2024

Meetings in person are well underway in Glasgow and Edinburgh. You will see under ` Programme of Meetings` under the `About` banner that several meetings involve visits to Museum archive centres, in the case of Glasgow to inspect the famous Caledonian `Hutcheson` jug which was donated to the museum by the Scottish Pottery Society in

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December 2023

 The Christmas parties are over, but its not too late to give a friend or relative a Christmas or New Year gift of membership of the Scottish Pottery Society!  The benefits as set out under the `About` banner ; the annual amount is only £18 ( or £24 family).    Meetings re-commence in January 2024

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Free Access to Historical SPHRs

UPDATE 27th May:  ALL Free SPHRs are now uploaded The Scottish Pottery Society today made Scottish Pottery Historical Review publications available free to the public on our website:https://www.scottishpotterysociety.org.uk/sphr/freesphrs/ SPHRs prior to the year 2000 will be available to freely access on our website.  More will be uploaded over the following weeks.  Care should be taken

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