Guidelines for Article Submissions


Submission deadline: TBA


Include with your paper:

·      The illustrations, supplied as high resolution .tif or .jpg files. These files should have a descriptive name and be numbered in the order they appear in the paper.

·      A list of captions, numbered in the order they appear in the paper.


NB Do not insert the illustrations into the text, but mark the position where you would like them to appear, eg [Figure 1 here]. The designer will place them as close to that point as possible.


Submission checklist

·       Article text, double spaced

·       Illustrations

·       Caption list

·      Word count (for text, not including notes and references)



Endnotes: SPHR uses endnotes (not footnotes) and a list of notes and references will appear at the end of the paper. Within the
text, the number referring to the note or reference should be placed at the appropriate point, preferably at the end of a sentence and always after any adjacent punctuation mark, e.g. ‘saltglazed stoneware.1’ Use arabic for endnote markers.


References: please include all references to:  published works (books, articles, papers); unpublished works; oral information
acquired (interviews, conversations); information taken from online sources; references to material in collections; any other sources of data.

 References should be set out as in the following examples:

 Books: J. Arnold Fleming, Scottish Pottery (Wakefield: EP Publishing, 1973), 142.

 Chapters in edited volumes: G. Lansbury, ‘Early Stoneware’, in C. Lewis (ed.), Scottish Industrial Pottery (London: Batsford, 1987).

 Journal articles: Susan Mills, ‘New Light on Alloa Pottery’, SPHR, 22 (2002), 43–7.


Online journals: articles in online  journals are styled the same as printed journals. Please add the access date in parentheses at the end, eg (accessed October 2011).

Other online sources: please cite as in the following example,, 23  February 1886, 871 (accessed April 2012). 

 Manuscripts: follow the style of the institution, eg National Library of Scotland, MS 638, fol. 10r.

 Copyright: if you plan to use illustrations or photographs of which you do not hold the copyright you must obtain permission, in writing, to publish the image from the copyright holder. Please note that the copyright holder has the legal right to specify the wording of the acknowledgement.


General style


Capitals for the names of specific potteries and patterns


Dates Use nineteenth century, not 19th 
1930s, not 1930’s 
1932–1940 (not 1932-40)



spell out numbers under ten 

not percent.



In metric with imperial measurements in parentheses, e.g. 2.5 cm (1″).



Short quotes can be incorporated in the text inside single quotation marks.

Longer quotes (>60 words) should be set as an extract, without quote marks, and
indented on a new line.

Omissions from quotes should be indicated by an ellipsis (…).

Author’s explanatory insertions should appear inside square brackets.

Remember to attribute all quotes to their original source.