Alloa Pottery

Alloa, Teapot, Victoria
Alloa, Teapot, Victoria


Alloa Pottery was founded by James Shaw in Kirkgate by 1783 but may be as early as 1757. It rapidly passed through a number of owners : James Turbull (until 1805), James Heath (1812-16), William Hamilton and William Gardner (c.1820-56). In 1856, Joseph Bailey bought the Pottery and it remained in his family until its closure in 1907.

Main Products

The main products were teapots in Rockingham glaze, majolica ware, and jet. One advert in the Bailey period states that their teapots were suitable for Australia, India, China, Japan, Canada, North & South America and Dutch East Indies. They had showrooms in Edinburgh, London and Bristol

Articles in Bulletin

Articles in SPHR

Typical Backstamps & Marks

“Alloa”, “W&JB”

Pattern Names

  • Alloa
  • Rustic
  • Pineapple (bulletin 50, Quail)

Other Publications & Links

Alloa Pottery A History of Alloa Pottery c1783- 1907 by James A.S.Spreull & Robert Rankine. Clackmannan District Libraries ISBN 0-9523246-0-1

Public Collections

  • Clackmannanshire Council


Although a long-lived pottery naturally going through many changes of ownership and having produced a vast quantity of ware (they often stated in adverts that 100,000 teapots were always in stock) very little ware was marked thus making attribution difficult. Some moulds recovered from the factory are in the collection of Clackmannanshire Council who also have a good range of wares in their keeping.