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The Scottish Pottery Society is celebrating its 50th anniversary!
The Scottish Pottery Historical Review 28 (SPHR 28) is now printed and will be distributed to members and be available for sale in the near future.  Pittenweem Community Library and Information Centre held an exhibition of Spongeware, and we have another exhibition due from July – October 2022 in Maryhill Burgh Halls.  More details to follow.
Help us spread the word of our milestone and support our work in celebration of Scottish Ceramics.

If you are able to spare time to help the Society, please contact us.  

The Society is run entirely by volunteers, who give up their time to help with:

  • Speaking at events, meetings, lectures and on Zoom
  • Researching and writing articles for our publications
  • Building, updating and maintaining our website and social media
  • Serving on SPS committees to help manage the Society’s core functions
  • Scoping, planning and delivering Scottish Pottery exhibitions
  • Fundraising; to help the Society increase its reach and ensure its financial stability
  • Taking office-bearer roles, such as President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.

What we do

Our members have a passion for Scottish ceramics and we study (mostly) the Industrial Potteries from 1750-1950 and share our work via talks, publications  and online

Public Meetings

We hold public meetings in Edinburgh & Glasgow from September to May showcasing our research and personal collections (Glasgow meetings are currently suspended due to Covid; 2022)
Edinburgh meetings have reconvened. 


The peer-reviewed Scottish Pottery Historical Review is published every 2 years or so; and members receive the interim Bulletin twice a year

Why Join?

Members receive the Bulletin containing advance notice of research, and monthly Newsletters reporting on the meetings and relevant notices. Most importantly, it allows us to finance the publication of SPHR and to keep this website running. We are gradually digitizing our archive of publications & original research and will publish these online (for members only) as each section is completed.

Joining the Society

People can join one of the branches (based in Edinburgh & Glasgow) and have the benefits of attending the meetings and receiving our publications; or for a lower rate can become ‘internet only’ members with access to all the resources on the website. There are variable rates for family members and for students.   Click Here


2021 New Website Welcome from SPS President, Heather Jack:

This new site takes us into a new era and is full of information, and very importantly illustrations, maps and photographs of the vast range of Scottish Ceramics. It will, I am sure, appeal to a wide audience from all over the world. Indeed, we already now have subscribers from four continents, as well as our staunch membership here at home.

To assist them, our website has been newly revamped, incorporating short ‘potted histories’ of the major factories operating from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, with galleries which browsers can search for examples that match their cherished family heirlooms.
Alongside the industrial factories, we also feature a number of individual artist-decorators, who, within the smaller market of the Scottish industry were rarely employed ‘in-house’ as they would certainly have been in the heartlands of the English potteries, but whose work undoubtedly inspired industrial manufacturers, particularly in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, to produce ‘artistic’ designs in a factory context.

In addition, our website also provides information about a small number of true craft potteries, which despite the lack of economies of scale available to their English counterparts, managed to survive during the difficult years around the Wall Street crash of 1929, and the nineteen-thirties, and even well into the late twentieth century.

Much remains to be done and new information will be appearing on the site regularly, so it is vital that full members and subscribers log on to regularly to keep up with the latest news and information. We look forward to knowledge coming in to us from all over the world. as well as suggestions for improvements.

I would like to thank most sincerely Jamie Ross, Douglas Bowie, Jean MacKenzie and Alex Inglis for their dedication especially in the last few difficult months which has enabled us to get to this point, from which we hope to grow.

As the Society moves into its 50th year in 2022, I wonder what our founding fathers and mothers would think of the body of knowledge that has been collected and is now being made available for all who wish to see it. They would be astounded. There is still much to be discovered, so let’s carry on for another 50 years at least. It will be a fascinating and rewarding journey

Heather Jack
The Scottish Pottery Society

Do you have a pottery question?

Have you found a piece of Scottish pottery you want to know more about?

Post your query with an image on our Facebook Page and let the community help you out (see below for a live window on current discussions)



Scottish Pottery expert and author George Haggarty has recently released his latest publication: 

“The Alastair Leslie Collection Volume One: Eighteenth Century West Pans Porcelain c.1764-77 “

Beautifully illustrated copies are available in softcover & hardback:

Click here to order the publication

Glasgow Pottery Trail

SPS Member, Ruth Impey, has produced an impressive online tour of Glasgow’s export potteries. 
The tour can be conducted as a cycling or walking route through Glasgow, exploring the locations and wares of Scotland’s historical pottery export trade, and where these products were made. 
It also includes interviews with Scottish pottery workers and historians on the subject. 

A web version is available to explore from the comfort of your own home: